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Gregory P. Misarti

(503) 880-5782


Multimedia Artist and Graphic Designer

Objective: To practice my acquired skills and gain new ones with the aim to promote positive change in our society via multi-media projects.


Functional Experience:

  • General Manager and co-founder of Kahnaway Art and Ecology, a non-profit(status pending) organization and resource center which focuses on arts, education and environment

  • Using Dreamweaver and Photoshop, I design, program, administer and write copy for the websites of a number of small businesses including but not limited to http://sedimenti.net, http://kahnaway.org and http:manorfinewares.com and have provided web design services for several businesses over the last 8 years.

  • Have been doing graphic design work for select businesses for the last 8 years and currently produce all promo material for the retail store Manor Fine Wares.

  • Photo editor for my own work and that of the entire Sedimenti network, a multimedia arts collective and on-line source for viewing the work of emerging artists.

  • Color designer, establishing paint and color themes for houses, murals, and a luxury train company while painting murals, faux finishing and flat painting.

  • Event photographer for self-made business focusing on amateur and regional hunter/jumper competitions.   Prints were sold by mail order packages which I created in Photoshop and Quark and/or on the spot via iBook and Epson 1280.

  • 14 years using Mac computers for various media applications, including design, web, video, and audio programs.

Related Experience:

  • Have edited, adjusted and re-sized thousands of photos for various applications including, digital printing and on-line viewing .

  • Concept, shooting and editing for video projects since 1996.

  • Focus in film history classes at Tufts resulting in an in-depth study of film-making and editing, classes also helped keep me abreast of contemporary video artists' work, a habit I've kept up for the constant influx of new, creative ideas.

  • Extensive background in drawing and photography allowing for a trained sense of conventional and non-conventional spatial composition .

  • Workshops in lighting providing helpful knowledge in still and real time photography and put to practice in both 2 and 3D design.

  • Sense of design enhanced by installation, performance and sculptural instruction and studies.

Relevant Work Experience:

  • Freelance graphic and web designer, design of flyers, business cards and posters for events.   Upkeep and design of the Kahnaway Art and Ecology website and that of Sedimenti.net.   (8 yrs./ongoing)

  • Ran faux finishing and mural painting business with a partner, as partner, I have experience not only as a working artist (painting, layout, design and project planning), but also in cooperating with clients, preparing schedules and invoices, and being entrusted with after-hours access to clients' shops, homes, grounds and equipment. Partner for 4 years (2002-2006).

  • Event photographer for Farm Clicks, taking portraits and action shots at local and regional events, Battleground, WA.   Tasks included dedicated attendance, working with event coordinators, families and their horses, setting up backdrops, scenery and lighting.   Familiarizing an assistant with the workings of digital and 35 mm SLR cameras and other relevant tasks. 1yr. (2002)

  • Freelance mural painter in children's rooms in and around Portland.   Animation and illustration style wall paintings solidify practice with concept of design, three dimensional set design, painting, drawing, and fantasy. 3 years, (2001-2005)

  • Museum Assistant: set up of shows and gallery attendance at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, Ct.   Maintained connection with NY art world, cutting edge artists' ideas and modern and contemporary films and video.   (1998)

  • Color Lab Technician:   High-end color lab, Camera Arts , Westport Ct. Full time for six months, maintaining lab and printing photos for amateur and professional photographers. (1996)


  • please email me for a list of references.



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