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• "Paint"- here you'll find an extensive gallery which displays the work of the artists in our network. It provides information about commission work and contact information for clients or collectors interested in acquiring work or commissioning new work in the form of paintings, panels, murals, logo design, custom wall finishes or color consultation.

• "Light"- this is a broad section which encompasses light-based works ranging from photography to film and video. This section also features Sedimenti's portfolio of graphic and web design.

• "Space"- this section documents projects and works that occupy physical space, including sculpture, woodwork, and landscape and interior design.

• "Sound"- Go here to hear sound-based art projects, snippets of sound engineers' portfolios, and new recordings by independent musicians/songwriters. Both released and un-released works are available for download and/or purchase.

• "Force"- Navigate here to learn about the forces that drive the Sedimenti network and the individuals featured on the site.

• "Link"- This portion of the site functions as a resource department and will house links to pages and other websites submitted by sedimenti members who'd like to share their interests or enable viewers to make connections that enable an understanding of what it is that they/we do.


photo by gpmisarti

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