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The American Orient Express Dry Dock shop in Tenino, WA 2003


The American Orient Express project was a major undertaking for Sedimenti but also a great experience. In the spring of 2002, Sedimenti partners, Nell Warren and Greg Misarti were asked to do some faux finishing in the luxury cabins and dining cars of the American Orient Express. Two years later, along with occasional help from Jeremy Soper, Lillian Kingery, Brendon Anderegg, Heather Whelton, Elizabeth Tomasetti, Tom Shields, and the folks at the American Orient Express' dry-dock shop in Tenino, Washington, Nell and I found ourselves having transformed, in its entirety, the paint design of the cabins, bathrooms, and hallways of (fifteen?) or so train cars. It took a lot of work, much patience, coordination with the dry dock schedules, and a couple trips to the chiropractor's but we survived and the gratification of bringing the paint job up to par with the otherwise beautifully crafted luxury liner was well worth it. We like to think we put the icing (or the "glazing"!) on the cake for all the hard work the good folks at the trainyard put into their cars.

See examples of the finishes we came up with and used for this project here.

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woodwork by tom shields

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