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Details of Reclaimed Wood


Click right red arrow below to see detail shots by Greg Misarti of the reclaimed lumber we used when having Chris Swanson build interior walls in our barn. We couldn't have been happier with the wood Chris scored from an orchardist in Mosier, Oregon (just east of us in the Columbia River Gorge) who had recently disassembled his pear barn. He had de-nailed and stacked this beautiful Cedar, but unfortunately for the orchardist he'd stacked the wood in front of his other barn and needed to get this wood out of the way to bring in his harvest, so we got a steal of a deal! Our barn is now equipped with a shop/carpentry studio, painting studio, and sound studio, The upstairs room is ready for printmaking as soon as we get a press and the shop will share space with a ceramics studio when we get a kiln.


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woodwork by tom shields

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